BABIES in pillow forts

we set up the purple-dinosaur sandbox a few weeks ago, and it has been a hit, esp. as r spends more time in the big big sandbox at the park. he's also learning to throw things, for example...rocks into buckets. or orangeball down the hall.

here he is taking a break from the bullpen.

our garden is coming along. the lettuce is up and the broccoli plants have sprouted. we've hade garden salads a couple of times already.

both r and his neighborhood friend miss A love to water, stand by the leaky spigot and get drenched, and generally get in everyone's business.

Here are the two babies running up and down the hall. A is older, so she took the lead and half dragged a man dressed in a onesie, a button-up shirt, and a single shoe up and down the carpet.

As promised, the kitten's fort has been beseiged, stormed, imperialized, hegemonized, postcolonialized and occupied by sandyheaded little monsters. here you can see them playing the trumpet with the wreckage of the kitten imperium.


Anonymous said...

FUTURE HEADBANGER? I hope not. Present heart-throb? No question. Can a boy keep on getting cuter?

Sam said...

I'm in Montreal right now for the 2nd wedding of the season and y'all've yet to make a new post. What gives? Also I'm not on the intrabuttz because I'm pretending that I don't have intrabuttz access and I'm totes not drunk off this local beer Boreale with the accent graf on the first E that's like 7% cuz they hardcore here.

I also threatened my friend to have a wedding as cool as yours cuz if not then like it's like eating blood pudding when I had drunk the ichor of GOD.