Exito! Success! You-know-what! That's right, we're the kind of parents who tell you all about our kid's poop.

Yesterday, L brought a tiny potty home for the Ro. Today, he used it for the first time!

Over the last couple of days, he's been pulling his diaper off when it is HW (heavy-wetty) or T-I-P ("there is poop"). We thought he might be telling us something. Not to jinx it, but the message seems clear.

OK, I promise there will be no more TIP in this blog post.
L was out testing the public until 8 tonight, so it was the boyz making pizza. Desgraciadamente, R was way tired at, like, 5pm.

Crayons were no good, stacking blocks was no good, books were temporarily good (R read Ramona the Pest upside-down) but yielded diminishing returns.
As we record times of happiness, so we record times of being really tired. I got the camera, I took a picture or two, I turned the flash on and then, in that luminous moment of digital image capture, Ro perked up and got happier with each photo I took. Get this kid ready for the papparrazzi--he'll love them. Why, you ask, will the pappiz be into the Ro?

I TOO FAST!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

That little man is growing too fast. You'd better stop giving him anything with calcium in it; that'll keep him small and manageable.